Client Focus: Counseling for Teens, Adults, Children, and Families

Individual Adults


Would you like support sorting out mixed feelings about a relationship or decision?​ 


Do you tend to become overwhelmed by or critical of your emotions?

Do you feel held back by remnants of painful past events?

"We're every age we ever were," said Anne Lamott.  Past experiences can linger, needing attention in order to shed the suffering and gather the wisdom.

Whether you are a young adult trying to make sense of the responsibilities, joys, and challenges of life on your own; a more established adult wondering how to reconnect with your dreams and grieve losses; or a busy parent who has lost track of yourself in the midst of it all, as your psychotherapist, I can help you find your way to your fullest, most vibrant life. 

Inner Relationship Focusing and Expressive Arts Therapy can further support your self-exploration, if you are interested.



Navigating peer and family relationships, handling the pressures of school work and extracurricular activities, and charting a course into the future can create anxiety, overwhelming emotions, and self-doubt. 

I support teens in developing a healthy sense of self and positive ways of coping with difficult emotions.  I enjoy helping young people build their confidence so they can develop their unique gifts.  

Counseling for teens addresses the big questions: Who am I and who do I want to be?  We can tackle these sometimes exciting, sometimes confusing topics together. I provide a safe, supportive, confidential place to sort things out.

If you are open to trying Expressive Arts Therapy, Inner Relationship Focusing, or Sand Tray Therapy, these approaches can further support your self-exploration.

Children & Families


​Would you like to help your child process difficult emotions or experiences, and develop healthy coping skills? 

​Has your family gotten stuck in a negative cycle that you would like to address? 

Using Child-Centered Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, and Expressive Arts Therapy, I provide child and family therapy to children ages three and up to express feelings and develop tools for positive coping.  See Filial Therapy under my specialties for more information about family play therapy.

I support parents in addressing their concerns and increasing positive communication and connection with their children.  We work together to increase joy and peace in your family.  I practice in a collaborative, responsive, compassionate way, building on strengths and providing support with difficulties.  I will coach you in extending the skills you and your child develop in our sessions to everyday life together.